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Supporting students, faculty and staff

The Dean of Students Office is a primary resource for connecting students who are navigating personal, academic, or health issues, to supportive campus and community resources. The Dean of Students Office also serves as a central location for reporting issues of hate and bias, sexual assault, and hazing.

All reports made to our office will be taken seriously and information will be provided to the proper office for review and investigation. As members of the campus community, it is your choice whether to report an incident. The Dean of Students Office will support you during this process, by providing information, support, and advocacy.

As always, we’re here for you.
Staff remain available for support and consultation via phone, email, and same day appointments between 8:30-4pm, Monday-Friday. Connect with us.

Drop-in Hours: M-F / 8:30-4 p.m.

Report an incident

Student of concern

Any student displaying behaviors that may interfere with their ability to be successful or disrupts the learning of others.

Report a concern

Bias or hate incident

Including slurs, degrading language, epithets, graffiti, symbols, assault, microagressions, and harassment.

Report bias or hate

Other Incidents

This could include sexual violence, hazing, stalking, a missing student, or another concern that needs attention.

Report other incidents

Drop-In Appointments

Anytime you'd like to chat, we'd be glad to talk about any concern you have, without judgement.

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We're here for you!

The Dean of Students Office is a primary resource that connects students who are navigating personal, academic, or health issues, to supportive campus and community resources. The office also consults faculty and staff, parents, families, and friends, working together to serve students.

Our main focus areas are to inform, consult, and refer you to the right place.

Meet your Dean of Students

Dean of Students Christina Olstad

Dean of Students Christina Olstad oversees departments in the areas of Student Advocacy within Student Affairs.

This is a challenging time for our campus community. Our friends at Healthy Minds Innovations are offering the Healthy Minds Program App for free to individuals. Visit Healthy Minds to check out well-being resources.

Follow Christina on Twitter to connect and learn more about ways to engage with Student Affairs.

Guidance for students, faculty and staff

Student assistance

Guidance and support for all students dealing with personal problems, including helping someone you know, reporting an incident, addressing a problem, and who to contact.

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Faculty and staff resources

Guides and resources for faculty and staff to help support students experiencing issues including academic and non-academic misconduct, how to talk to students you are concerned about, addressing disruptive behavior, and verbal de-escalation.

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Supporting DACA recipients

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Regardless of immigration status, UW-Madison wants all students to know that “You belong here” and are an integral part of the UW campus community.

The Dean of Students Office offers guidance to understand your rights, get free legal help and more.

How UW-Madison Supports DACA recipients