Response Process

When a reporter submits an incident online, it is received by the Dean of Students Office. A staff member will contact the targeted individual or reporter if contact information is left. After receipt of report is acknowledged, a meeting is offered to discuss responses. The reporter may be directed to other resources. If necessary or wanted, the UW Police Department may be involved. If the student code of conduct was violated, the conduct process may begin. Then, the incident will be included on the live log.

There are many different possible responses. Educational conversations are typically given to the respondent/offender. Support meetings may be offered to the targeted individual/reporter. If the student code of conduct was violated, sanctions may be given. If the incident involves a specific community, community letters or emails may be sent. Workshops and training sessions may also be offered within communities. Finally, dialogue spaces may be held, such as support circles where Restorative Justice practices are implemented. This is not an exhaustive list, but a list of typical responses.