Campus and Community Assistance

Day-to-day expenses like food, clothing, and rent can make it challenging for students to make ends meet. There are many campus resources and student organizations available at no cost to all students. You’re not alone. There are teams of people to support your success on campus.

Specifically, each semester, the Dean of Students Office and campus partners host a swipe drive to help ensure all Badgers have access to healthy and nutritious food. Look back for upcoming dates!

At anytime, anyone using a Wiscard to make a purchase at the Wisconsin Union dining locations, Recreation and Wellbeing, or University Housing, will be able to add $1 to directly support students through UW–Madison’s Badger FARE Program. The program is an established food security fund through the Dean of Students Office that can load $75 directly onto a student’s Wiscard once an academic year.

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Resources and Support

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Badger FARE Program

The Badger FARE Program through the Dean of Students Office, connects students who are experiencing temporary and ongoing food insecurity with campus and community resources for long-term support, while providing them with funds that they can immediately use to purchase food on campus.

These funds will be given to a student once in an academic year in the amount of $75 via their Wiscard.

Basic Needs Resource

The Basic Needs Resource through the Office of Financial Aid in partnership with the Dean of Students Office lists support services for your basic needs. There are also basic needs assistants available to help connect with you to navigate resources. You can connect directly with a Basic Needs Assistant by either emailing or completing this request form.

Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office provides individualized assistance to students facing food insecurity, including information about campus and community resources and crisis loans/grants. We encourage students to reach out in person, by phone at 608.263.5700, or by email to

The Open Seat

The Open Seat is a student-funded, student-run, and student-serving food pantry by the Associated Students of Madison (ASM). All students with a Wiscard are eligible. Students can come to The Open Seat during any of our open hours or by appointment.

Food Recovery Network

UW–Madison Food Recovery Network is a branch of the national Food Recovery Network, whose main mission is to fight food insecurity and food waste at the same time by recovering food from university dining halls. We serve food that would have been thrown out to the Madison community for free twice a week. Everybody is welcome!

FH King - Harvest Handouts

 F.H. King developed the Harvest Handouts program in order to deliver high-quality, sustainably-grown produce to the UW-Madison community free of charge. For the 2021 growing season, we are hosting Harvest Handouts each Sunday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. on East Campus Mall. Email for more information.

Slow Food UW

Slow Food UW is a UW–Madison student group interested in where our food comes from, geographically, and culturally.

The Keep Food Pantry

The Keep Food Pantry offers access to nutritious food so members of the campus communities can focus their energies on their academic and career pursuits. The Keep Food Pantry is a ministry of Luther Memorial Church.

Campus Food Shed

Campus Food Shed is a student organization that provides free and local produce to the UW-Madison campus by helping connect food retailers with groups of people looking to accept food, the group aims to convert a considerable amount of food waste into a valuable resource.

Interested in Giving More?

Donations can be made throughout the year to support the Badger FARE Program, a partnership between the Dean of Students Office that provides $75 of immediate funds to a student’s Wiscard.

With this money, students can purchase hot and cold food or non-perishable food items from dining locations across campus. Because funds go directly to a Wiscard, students utilizing the program remain anonymous to their peers, helping us cultivate a more welcoming environment for those in need.

Donate today to help thousands of students access healthy, fresh, and varied food resources and ensure that no Badger goes hungry.

Donate to UW’s  Food Insecurity Support Fund