Awards and Recognition

Highlighting student achievement is important to the Dean’s office and it helps us all celebrate the UW Madison community as we work towards creating the Wisconsin Experience together.

Exceptional Citizenship Award

This award is given to students who decide to act with courage and moral character in challenging circumstances.

The Dean of Students Office recognizes students’ contribution to making the University campus a safer community through the Exceptional Citizenship Award. Previous award recipients have intervened in incidents to prevent harm to others, reacted quickly to an emergency situation, and chosen to act with integrity instead of for personal gain.

Coin with the UW crest and the words University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Student life surrounding it.
This coin is awarded by the Dean of Students office to any student honored as an exceptional citizen.
Coin with the Lincoln statue and Bascom Hall and the words Exceptional Citizenship Award On Wisconsin! surrounding it.

Do you know an Exceptional Citizen that you would like to honor?

If you know of a student who has acted as a true Badger with exceptional citizenship, the Dean of Students Office wants to know! Please email us at and include “Citizenship Award” in the subject line. Include your full name, the student’s name, details about the incident, and your contact information in the email. While not all students may be awarded Citizenship Award, we will try to recognize each student that we hear about.

Past Award Recipients:
Brittany Baumler
Caroline Barham
Aaron Cahn
Hannah DePorter
Abigail Studinger
Sam Wasserman
Kevin Wolfinger
Ben Zeece
Nathan Ritscherle
Dasia Starks
Haylee Loy
Katherine Adams
Nicholas Johnson
Nathan Donovan
Jacob Hauenstein
Taylor Regenauer

Bucky Award

Red badger head trophy icon.

The Bucky’s Award Ceremony  is an event where students and student organizations have the opportunity to be recognized for their hard work on campus and in the community.

All leaders are encouraged to apply! Candidates may submit up to two applications.

Apply Now!

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