Behavior Intervention Team

The Behavior Intervention Team is a committee, chaired by the Dean of Students Office. The Team’s purpose is to provide guidance, recommend interventions and to make referrals for students that have demonstrated concerning, distressed, or disruptive behavior.

The Behavior Intervention Team’s goal is to direct distressed, or disruptive students to the appropriate support resources while focusing on success for both the student of concern and the campus at large.


  • Student is threatening the safety of self or other
  • Student is acting in a frightening or threatening manner
  • Student is not leaving the classroom after being asked to leave
  • Student is reporting or initiating a threat or bomb scare


Contact the Dean of Students Office at 608-263-5700 or submit an Online Report.

  • Student exhibits behavior that substantially impairs, interferes with, or obstructs orderly processes and functions of the University.
  • Student exhibits behavior that deliberately interferes with instruction of office procedures
  • Student exhibits behavior that is lewd or indecent
  • Student exhibits behavior that breaches the peace
  • Student exhibits disruptive behavior in class on campus or in the community
  • Student does something significantly out of character
  • Student displays unhealthy or dangerous patterns of behavior

Behavior Intervention Team Members

  • Assistant Director of Student Assistance, Dean of Students Office (Chair)
  • Assistant Dean, Dean of Students Office
  • Case Manager, UHS – Counseling and Consultation Services
  • Assistant Director, UHS – Counseling and Consultation Services
  • Assistant Director, McBurney Disability Resource Center
  • Director of International Student Services
  • Detective Sergeant, UWPD
  • Director of Enrollment Management
  • Assistant Director of Resident Support Services
  • Assistant Director of Residential Life, Conduct

Behavior Intervention Team Responsibilities

  • Receive reports of student behavior that is disruptive or concerning to the University Community
  • Assess disruptive or concerning behavior, develop appropriate intervention.
  • Assign follow-up to a committee member or other University community member
  • Work with student to address and end the concerning behavior,
  • Make recommendations and referrals to other University offices and departments, if necessary.
  • Educate the University community about the Behavior Intervention Team, University policies and procedures.

Additional Resources

Dean of Students Office

University Health Service Medical, Mental Health, EVOC

Veteran Services & Military Assistance Center
608-265-4628 or 608-890-2701

International Student Services

LGBT Campus Center

Rape Crisis Center
608-265-6389 or 24 hr. Crisis Line 608-251-7273

McBurney Disability Resource Center

University Wisconsin Police Department

Madison Police Department