Missing Student

Faculty, teaching assistants, and university staff members often become concerned about students who suddenly stop attending their classes or other university activities, miss an exam, or stop responding to emails. We encourage those concerned to notify the Dean of Students Office in order to make contact with a student who may be in distress. We also recognize that students have the right to choose to not attend class and may be planning to drop the course.

If you are concerned about a student who is missing from your class or activity, contact the Dean of Students Office by phone 608-263-5700, email dean@studentlife.wisc.edu or fill out the form linked below. A staff member in the Dean of Students Office will respond to your contact and initiate the missing student process. If you believe the student is in danger, i.e. made a suicidal statement, has a serious medical condition you observed, please give this information to the Dean of Students Office. The Dean of Students Office will determine whether a “welfare check” by police or University Housing staff is also warranted.