Badger Fare Program

The Dean of Students Office in collaboration with the Division of Continuing Studies works to connect students who are dealing with temporary and ongoing food insecurity with campus and community resources for long-term support, while providing them with funds that they can immediately use to purchase food on campus.

These funds will be given to a student once in an semester in the amount of $75 via their Wiscard.

Badger FARE Brochure


  • Student be enrolled in the current term in order to receive the funds or enrolled in the next academic period if between semesters
  • Some circumstance related to food insecurity or unexpected life event

Defining Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is both what we traditionally think of as not having enough to eat (having to skip meals) and not having access to a nutritional and varied diet.


If approved, Badgerfare will be added to student’s Wiscard and student will receive email follow up with information and resources will be provided

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